Renting the Studio

Your work takes time, energy, and focus.  Renting our studio can allow you the focus you need to get your ideas down on paper, to get to the next draft, or just do some visioning for your next project. 


We are located in the (very) small town of Morrison, TN.  The studio is equipped with the basics (wifi, 2 dry-erase boards, seating and tables that can be moved easily), and is full of natural light.  There is a 'meat and three' one door down, a post-office, a bank, a barber shop, and a hardware store.  Our location helps limit distractions.  But that also means that if you envision needing something that cannot be acquired here in town, then feel free to request that from us in advance (or bring it with you). 




Combination Packages include both Project Coaching and Studio time.  For instance, you might work with Carolyn for one or two sessions in advance of your rental time, to help you set goals, clarify your expectations, and do any advance work you can before you use your studio time so that you make the best of your time in the space.  These packages  get first scheduling priority.


Stand-alone rentals are available as well.  Mimimum rental is 4 hours. 


NOTE: With Covid-19 still looming large, we will need to connect with you and learn more about your desired use for the space.  Since we clean after each rental, rentals of less than 4 hours can not be accommodated at this time AND, since we know many creative types are struggling right now, we are featuring some special discounts. 


Just give us a call for availability, requirements, and pricing.


For Individual Writers and Actors

focus on

your words


Half-Day, Full-day, and Multi-Day rental options